*All timber will be undersized after planed.

  • 3_03

    A type of high-dense hardwood native to Malaysia, the Philippines & Indonesia. Mainly used for heavy construction.

    Common Uses

    Decking, Fencing, General (Outdoor) Heavy Construction, Bridge Building, Ship Building & other Marine purposes

  • t3_03

    A very soft and lightweight material. Very popular material to use when making light, stiff structures in model bridge tests, model buildings & construction of model aircraft — especially free flight model aircraft & full-sized light wooden aeroplanes.

    Common Uses

    Buoys, Rafts, Surfboards, Model Airplanes, Musical Instruments, Fishing Lures.

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  • co3_03

    A heavy hardwood classified as naturally durable, resistant to termite attack & fungal infestation. Suitable for all forms of heavy construction.

    Common Uses

    Railway Sleepers, Bridge Building, Marine Construction, Flooring, Decking, Vehicle Bodies, Cooling Towers, Staircase (Handrails, Treads, Round Ends, Carriages, etc)

  • cof1_07

    A type of low density, light hardwood that is very easy to dry, with little tendency to split or warp. But staining may cause trouble. Easy to work in all operations, finishes well & glues satisfactorily. well suited for sculpture and pattern making, wooden shoes, picture frames, and drawing boards.

    Common Uses

    Drawing Boards, Carving, Handicraft, Marquetry, Dowels, Wooden Toys, Matchboxes and Packing Cases.