*All timber will be undersized after planed.

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    A type of high-dense hardwood native to Malaysia, the Philippines & Indonesia. Mainly used for heavy construction.

    Common Uses

    Decking, Fencing, General (Outdoor) Heavy Construction, Bridge Building, Ship Building & other Marine purposes

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    A type of softwood timber that is very easy to work with. Since most varieties are relatively soft, it is often used for carving, carpentry  and furniture making.

    Common Uses

    Furniture, Window Frames, Paneling, Roofing, Shelving, Flooring.

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    A durable type of hardwood used for general construction, including internal and external finishing material, external joinery (door & window sills).

    Common Uses

    General Outdoor Construction, External Decking, Sturdy Outdoor Furniture, Flooring & Staircases.

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    A generic term used in woodworking and lumber industries for wood from conifers. Examples of the softwood-producing trees are pine, spruce, cedar, fir, douglas-fir, hemlock, cypress, redwood & yew.

    Common Uses

    Building Materials, Furniture, General Wood Work.